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DePuy Hip Replacement Failure Demonstrates a Broken Medical Implant System

As a Fort Worth DePuy ASR Hip Recall attorney I am providing this latest update information involving the recent DePuy Class Action lawsuits.

The DePuy Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) hip, is failing at high rates, even though the device was designed to last for at least 15 years.

According to medical critics the failure of the ASR hip demonstrates a broken piecemeal medical implant system.

Medical implants can be sold without testing if a device, like an artificial hip, resembles an implant already approved. This is different from new drugs, which have go through a series of rigorous clinical trials before receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Until summer of 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics, stated that the A.S.R. was performing similarly toother hip devices. But doctors indicated that DePuy received repeated warnings that the implant was failing at an alarming rate.

Read full story here at the New York Times

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