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Defective Yamaha Rhino Lawsuit

A California man, filed a personal injury claim against Yamaha Motor Corporation in California Superior Court. The lawsuit alleged that the Yamaha Rhino side-by-side is a dangerously unstable and defective all terrain vehicle.

In 2006, the 42 years old, was a passenger in a 2006 Yamaha Rhino when it tipped over at a low rate of speed. The man suffered severe crush injuries to his right leg from the roll bar and was left permanently damaged.

The lawsuit alleges that the Yamaha Rhino side-by-side contains multiple design flaws making it dangerously unstable and prone to tipping and rolling over. These design flaws include a top-heavy design resulting in a high center of gravity, and a dangerously narrow track width. Despite hundreds of Rhino rollover accidents, there has been no formal recall of the vehicle by Yamaha.

Legal Analysis: Bad unsafe product, use them at your peril.

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