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Defective Drugs: Chantix

Side effects of Chantix could increase the risk of suicide or lead to a number of serious and life-threatening injuries.

The side effects of Chantix are being reviewed for potential lawsuits for individuals who suffered severe physical injury or death which may be related to the use of Chantix. The anti-smoking drug has been linked to a number of psychological side effects and other problems which could be caused by the effect the drug has on the brain.

The potential side effects for a Chantix lawsuit are on behalf of individuals who:

* Committed or attempted suicide on Chantix
* Suffered severe physical Injury as a result of sudden abnormal behavior
* Diagnosed with new on-set diabetes from Chantix
* Developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis due to Chantix
* Suffered severe physical injury or death from an Accident or Fall caused by seizures, black-outs, vision disturbances or other sudden problems
Potential Chantix cases are being reviewed throughout the United States.

Chantix (varenicline tartrate) is sold by Pfizer as a smoking cessation drug to help ease the side effects of nicotine withdrawal and help people permanently stop smoking. It was approved by the FDA in May 2006, and it has quickly become a popular drug among individuals attempting to improve their overall health by kicking their nicotine addition.

Chantix problems have also begun to surface at an alarming rate, making it one of the drugs most associated with severe adverse events according to the FDA’s Adverse Event reporting system.

The active ingredient in Chatix acts on the brain, which has led to a number of problems and side effects, which the manufacturer failed to adequately research or warn about. Since it was first approved through an expedited priority review, the FDA has required Pfizer to add information to the Chantix warning label about a possible increased risk of suicide, suicidal thoughts and abnormal behavior seen among users of the drug.

Individual Chantix lawsuits as well as potential class action suits are being reviewed as a result of Pfizer’s failure to properly warn consumers and investigate problems associated with their medication.

Pfizer’s actions seem to indicate that the company is primarily concerned with protecting the potential blockbuster profits analysts thought they would generate from Chantix, even at the expense of the health of consumers who are trying to quit smoking to prolong their lives.

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