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Defective Drug: Yasmin Lawsuits

Yasmin lawsuits are personal injury cases that seek settlements for women injured after taking Yasmin (drospirenone), a contraceptive pill also prescribed in the treatment of moderate acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) for menstruating women. Yasmin may also be sold under the brand name Yaz, a form of drospirenone manufactured and distributed by Bayer.

Produced by Berlex Laboratories, Inc., Yasmin has been reported to cause a variety of serious side effects since its FDA approval in May 2001. Women injured after taking Yasmin will likely be entitled to compensation by pursuing a Yasmin lawsuit.

Serious Yasmin Side Effects
The range of severe Yasmin side effects includes:

* blood clots
* breast lumps
* depression
* heart attack
* hypertension (high blood pressure) and/or high cholesterol
* kidney damage
* liver damage (characterized by jaundice, stomach pain and/or dark urine)
* migraines
* pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lung’s airways that significantly impair breathing and re-oxygenation of the blood)
* severe allergic reactions (marked by facial or tongue swelling, hives and breathing difficulties)
* stroke
* unexplainable vaginal bleeding
Women developing any of the above conditions will typically experience some combination of the following symptoms:

* abdominal pain
* pain, swelling and/or sensitivity on a localized area of the skin (indicating a blood clot in that area)
* feelings of despair and hopelessness
* chest pain
* confusion and disorientation
* faintness and lightheadedness
* breathing difficulties
* numbness on one side of the body
* vision problems (including blackened, blurry and/or double vision)
Should a woman start developing serious Yasmin side effects, it’s vital that she seek emergency medical care to prevent further health complications and, in the worst cases, save her life.

How to Start a Yasmin Lawsuit
The first step to starting Yasmin lawsuits is to set up an initial consultation with an experienced Yasmin lawyer. During this meeting, prospective plaintiffs can:

* Find out if they have a provable legal claim against Berlex Laboratories, Inc.

* Learn more about the process of compiling and winning Yasmin lawsuits
* Get estimates regarding possible settlements, based on awards issued in past cases similar to their own
* Get advice about whether filing an individual case or joining an already-progressing class action Yasmin lawsuit is best for their needs and circumstances
Women who decide to stand up for their legal rights and pursue a Yasmin lawsuit will benefit from delayed payments for legal fees, as Yasmin lawyers work on contingency. Ultimately, injured Yasmin patients can win compensation for losses including (but not limited to):

* hospital bills
* ongoing treatment costs
* lost wages
* permanent disabilities
* pain and suffering
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