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Defective Drug: Nuvaring Lawsuits and Increased Risk of Stroke

Introduced in the U.S. in July 2002, NuvaRing is a vaginal contraceptive ring that is over 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy when it is used properly.

NuvaRing birth control works over the course of three weeks by slowly releasing hormones into a woman’s body. While NuvaRing needs to be removed during the fourth week of a month (to allow for menstruation), the contraceptive effects of this birth control device continue to persist.

Currently, over 1.5 million women in 32 countries, including the U.S., the Netherlands and Australia, use NuvaRing.

Reports of NuvaRing Side Effects. Despite being an effective method of birth control for many women, NuvaRing has been reported to cause some serious, life threatening side effects. Serious NuvaRing side effects include:

* blood clots
* deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
* heart attack
* pulmonary embolism
* stroke
The following symptoms can indicate the development of one of the above NuvaRing complications:

* breathing problems
* chest pain
* coughing up blood
* faintness
* feelings of anxiety and/or nervousness
* numbness on one side of the body
* sweating
* unexplained fatigue
* vomiting and/or nausea
* swollen areas of the body (The arms, hands, feet and/or legs are most commonly affected by this type of inflammation.)
Those with the highest risk of developing severe NuvaRing injuries include women:

* over 35 years old
* who smoke
* with a history of blood clots, DVT, heart attack and/or stroke
* with high cholesterol and/or hypertension (high blood pressure)
NuvaRing Lawsuits
The severity of NuvaRing complications has sparked a number of affected patients to seek compensation for their injuries via NuvaRing lawsuits. Although the first-ever NuvaRing lawsuit was filed in March 2008, since then, over 50 other NuvaRing lawsuits have been filed throughout the U.S.

To get a NuvaRing lawsuit started, affected women will need to set up a free consultation with an experienced NuvaRing lawyer. During this initial meeting, prospective plaintiffs can:

* learn more about their legal rights
* evaluate whether they have a provable legal claim against Organon, the European manufacturer of NuvaRing
* decide whether following through with a personal injury lawsuit is right for them
* choose whether they want to pursue an individual lawsuit or join an already-compiled class-action case
Have you or a loved one been harmed after using NuvaRing? If so, contact a Nuvaring lawyer today and talk to an experienced NuvaRing attorney who can help you file your legal claim and win a highly deserved NuvaRing lawsuit.

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