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Defective Drug: Accutane Lawsuits and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Accutane has been a controversial acne medication because of the serious risk of side effects and suicides attributed to it. The FDA warned physicians prescribing the acne medication to be aware of any signs of depression their patients might display. Accutane manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche did not warn patients and healthcare professionals of the potential risks involved with Accutane until after the FDA made this advisement.

In October 2001, Congressman Bart Stupak expressed his concerns about Accutane following the suicide of his son who was taking Accutane. Accutane manufacturer has warned physicians that the acne drug can possibly cause “depression, psychotic symptoms, and rarely suicide attempts,” but still the company maintains they believe the drug is safe. In addition, Accutane carries high risk of serious birth defects, including deformed babies, miscarriage, premature birth, or death of the baby.

Instances of individuals and teenagers parents describing observations of serious feelings of depression while taking Accutane have continued to be made. In the U.S. congressional hearings on the controversy of Accutane have been surrounding the acne drug.

Since 1982, there have been 142 suicides involving Accutane. The FDA has required that doctors and patients sign a lengthy consent form prior to beginning Accutane therapy acknowledging they have been informed of the dangers. Other side effects of Accutane include brain problems, abdomen problems, bone and muscle problems, hearing problems, vision problems, lipids or fats and cholesterol in blood problems, and allergic reactions.

Accutane is intended to treat the most severe form of acne that has been unresponsive to any other type of acne treatment. The FDA’s implementation of the consent form was due to the claims of patients that they had suffered serious side effects and that they were unaware of the risks involved with the medication when beginning treatment. If you or your child has been adversely affected by the acne medication Accutane, please contact us to learn if you have a possible Accutane claim for the injuries and damages sustained.

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