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Arlington I-20 Car Accident

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — A woman in her 40s was killed this weekend after she tried to push her car out of the middle of Interstate 20 in southwest Arlington.

A child was apparently steering the car while the woman pushed. The child was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries.

A Mansfield man who crashed into the woman was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, as was another driver who was in a third vehicle that became involved in the wreck.

Police said the woman was killed instantly. She was traveling eastbound about 8 p.m. Saturday when her vehicle became disabled in the middle lane of I-20 at Little Road.

Legal Analysis: If your car breaks down in the middle of the freeway, please use common sense. This tragic accident could have been possibly avoided; at first sign of engine trouble put on the hazard blinkers on, try and safely drive the car to the hard shoulder under its own intertia. If that is not possble and you are stuck in a busy lane, pay great attention and try to safely exit the vehicle and cross the lanes. Do not as here try and move the vehicle yourself; you are 100% guaranteed to be killed or severely injured.

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